GR8Conf Europe 2013
May 22nd - 24th
Copenhagen, Denmark


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Pivotal is building a new platform for a new era, setting the standard for Enterprise Platform- as-a-Service (PaaS). The company’s mission is to enable customers to build a new class of applications, leveraging big and fast data, doing all of this with the power of cloud independence.

Uniting selected technology, people and programs from EMC and VMware, the following products and services are now part of Pivotal: Greenplum®, Cloud Foundry, Spring, Cetas, Pivotal Labs®, GemFire® and other products from the VMware vFabricTM Suite.

Powered by new data fabrics, Pivotal One is a complete, next generation Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service that makes it possible, for the first time, for the employees of the enterprise to rapidly create consumer-grade applications. To create powerful experiences that serve a consumer in the context of who they are, where they are, and what they are doing in the moment. To store, manage and deliver value from fast, massive data sets. To build, deploy and scale at an unprecedented pace.

Pivotal One integrates these sophisticated new data fabrics with modern programming frameworks and cloud independence in a single, united platform.

Gold sponsors

OpenMinds is a danish software and consultancy company.

Our area of expertise is enterprise software such as customer self service, order processing, billing, administration, integration and security.

Our consultants are highly experienced and along the way, we have specialized in the technologies, we believe to be the best ones available.

Among these, we consider Grails an excellent choice - combining the brevity of Groovy with the maturity of Spring.

By the way: We also offer training in Groovy and Grails.

NineConsult is a Consulting company based in the heart of Copenhagen with ~40 dedicated consultants focusing on developing business-critical applications using Groovy and Grails but also classic Java. 

Our focus is within the Public, Finance and Transportation sector and our project references includes several high profile projects within Self Service in the public sector and Mission critical solutions within Finance and Transportation.

All our consultants are highly skilled and have demonstrated throughout their career that they belong to the exclusive group of team members who are critical for a project to succeed. We believe that a combination of profound technical knowledge and a good understanding of the customers business is the key to an outstanding performance.

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Silver sponsors

exensio is an independent German software company working with highly skilled and experienced IT consultants and IT architects.

exensio improves communication and information management of well-known German companies and corporate groups. We develop individual web applications and portal solutions based on our customers requirements using Grails, Spring and other Java based OpenSource frameworks.

Integrative, economical and user-friendly!

Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL), visit

Object Partners, Inc is an IT consulting firm specializing in enterprise application development services since 1996. Our success is based on a model of full-time employees with a strategic focus on utilizing both emerging and mature open source technologies to help clients deliver high quality software on time and within budget. Most recently, OPI has successfully built and deployed numerous large-scale consumer facing Grails applications, as well as several enterprise applications for various Android and iOS devices.

Our deep roots in the JEE stack translate into open source expertise and a fundamental knowledge of how to build applications that are scalable, reliable, and can be easily maintained. Our services include project outsourcing, co-development, staff augmentation, and technology and process mentoring.

Yousee is the largest TV provider in Denmark (1.2 million customers and 12,000 agreements with antenna- and buildings societies) and second largest on broadband (0.4 million customers). Strong brand – perceived more as a media company than a Telco.

Provider of Denmark’s broadest TV offering through strong relationship to all major broadcasters. Largest VOD provider in Denmark, IP simulcasting (web-tv) since 2008 and Off net subscriptions from 2012.

Broadband introduced 2001 (speeds up to 100 Mbit) and telephony (VoIP) in 2005. Mobile telephony in 2012. Access to high-quality net (HFC) that covers more than half of the Danish population.

In total 1.365 FTE end of year 2012

At ReachLocal, our mission is to help small-to-medium sized businesses across the globe reach more local customers online and build a healthy, thriving business. We provide end-to-end online services, leveraging BDD software development combined with a modern SOA-based platform built around the most recent version of Groovy and Grails, Cassandra, responsive design mobile technologies, and a robust set of APIs. We are an active contributor to the open source community, continually iterate on best practices, and embrace the power of social media. We operate out of 15 countries with engineering teams across the globe.

nerdErg believe in nerds. Nerds have the power to make great solutions. We can harness that power for good, nurturing our desire for problem solving, and furnishing you with practical, simple, and elegant solutions.

We are developers, based in Australia, with decades of experience. Being Aussies we call out the "bull dust" we see and steer our customers towards measurable benefit driven solutions. We'll tell you if we think you're trying to develop a solution to the wrong problem because we take pride in seeing our software and hardware making a real difference.

Being nerds we use all the technology!... but Groovy and Grails is our preferred web platform, and it's also where we are concentrating our open source projects. Our small experienced team is working on products for consumers, business and government as well as providing bespoke software. We have years of remote working experience and can make on site or remote contracts successful.

Check out or email to harness the power of the nerd today.

IntelliGrape specialises in delivering high-quality web-applications using Groovy and Grails. We have been working on Grails for more than 5 years; and have delivered more than 50 applications in social media, SaaS, e-commerce, enterprise portal & analytics space. Our expertise on Groovy and Grails coupled with Agile mind-set helps us build mission critical applications with speed and quality. 

Apart from Groovy and Grails, we also have deep expertise on cloud platforms especially Amazon AWS and Heroku, and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Redis. We are a preferred development partner of product start-ups, as well as large enterprises in US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Germany, France and Belgium. 

Canoo Engineering, founded in 1999, is a top end software company for web-based business applications, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), enterprise search solutions, linguistic morphology and word analysis systems.

Thanks to over 13 years of experience constructing business applications and with some of the most experienced Java developers in Europe, the Basel based company is the preferred supplier to some of the world's leading organizations.


At JetBrains, we like making developers more productive. We design intelligent development tools to simplify your challenging tasks, automate the easy ones, and help you develop with pleasure.  

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Media sponsors

Skills Matter helps a community of passionate developers learn and share skills to write better software. We collaborate with the world's leading innovators in software and thousands of passionate developers meeting up at Skills Matter, to produce some 450 intensive workshops, 500 talks & meetups, 2,000 hours worth of skillscast videos, quarterly Open Source Journal magazines per year. Join our community to learn and share skills on leading ideas and truly bleeding edge technologies (from HTML5, Android and iPhone to F#, Clojure and Scala, from DDD and CQRS to RDFa and NoSQL and from Lean, Kanban and Agile Leadership to Software Craftsmanship and Agile Testing to BDD) 

Skills Matter's mission is to promote continuous learning and innovation in software. More than 35,000 people get together at Skills Matter each year, everyone with the goal of improving themselves and our community. We welcomed 42,000 face-to-face visits to our talks, workshops and gatherings in the last 12 months and our SkillsCast videos were seen by several hundreds of thousands of passionate developers too. Follow us on twitter @skillsmatter #skillsmatter

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Hosting sponsor

EasySpeedy is an innovative European dedicated server provider specialized in offering unmanaged hosting to clients who demand full control through extensive remote access. As such we are addressing the growing needs for hosting services which offer little or no restrictions on how clients deploy their computing resources.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, we have been around since 2001 and our clients reside in over 80 countries.


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Gennemtænkt IT is a software shop and consultancy that specializes in Groovy and Grails.

The company develops and maintains software systems primarily based on Groovy, Grails and Java.  We have successfully served customers in finance and economics, logistics, and health care.

We've been on the G&G wagon since before 1.0 - and we're still spreading the love.

Javagruppen is the Danis JUG, founded in 1996. We meet on a regular basis talking about subjects, related to Java and the JVM. We invite speakers from all over the world to speak about interesting subjects in the Java space.

Javagruppen is the co-organizing JUG of GR8Conf



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