GR8Conf Europe 2013
May 22nd - 24th
Copenhagen, Denmark


Very cheap ticket for sale by attendee

by admin on 2013-05-18 at 06:06

We have an attendee who had cancel his ticket (due to family reasons), and we want to help him sell it. The price today is only €250 for all three days (University and Conference), and it's first come - first serve.

Please contact, if you want to claim the ticket. You pay for the ticket with cash at the conference, GR8Conf will transfer the money to the current owner of the ticket.

We will tweet, when the ticket is sold.


Last chance to register for GR8Conf EU 2013

by admin on 2013-05-14 at 08:52

This is the final call. Registrations for GR8Conf EU 2013 closes tomorrow at midnight CEST.

The agenda is now complete, and we had a few new talks and even a new speaker: Luke Daley with Ratpack - a Groovy Micro Web Framework, Graeme Rocher with Grails Under the Hood and Vladimír Oraný with What's new in Gaelyk 2.0

We have brewed and bottled the GR8Conf beer for the Meet'n'Greet event Thursday night and we're ready to get Groovy at GR8Conf EU 2013

So, don't wait long 

Final two weeks of ticket sale.

by admin on 2013-05-01 at 09:21

Here in Denmark, the season of the "light nights" is about ready to begin. It is the time of the year, where the center of the sun never sets lower than 11 degrees below the horizont, and thus it never really gets dark at night. 

Spring is almost here, and there is a fair chance, that the weather around 22nd-24th should be nice too. And Copenhagen is really nice in springtime.

At the same time, the sun is setting on the GR8Conf Europe ticket sales. For just 14 more days, you have a chance to get your GR8Conf ticket. 

And you may ask, why I should attend GR8Conf?

First of all, we have a great lineup of speakers who knows a lot about the technologies in the Groovy Ecosystem. They are presenting a bunch of great workshops and presentations, making up an impressive agenda.

Secondly, you get to hang around the Groovy rockstars, and they love to talk about their frameworks and technology. At our hackergarten event you even get a chance to hack code with them! This event is in the evening on the 22nd, and is open to everyone - even if you did not get a ticket. The Hackergarten is sponsored by Canoo.

And if that's not social enough for you, we also have the Meet'n'Greet event, where you can taste the delicious GR8Beer, Groovy Ale or an Anniversay Ale, sponsored by Gennemtænkt IT and if you get hungry, we'll have a BBQ too!

And what's the third reason, you may ask yourself? Well, it's a great opportunity to learn more about Groovy and the other GR8 technologies, while building your network with the other GR8 attendess. 

So, don't wait long - registrations closes in 15 days!

JetBRAINS silver sponsor of GR8Conf EU 2013

by admin on 2013-04-25 at 10:46

We're happy to announce, that JetBRAINS is a silver sponsor of GR8Conf EU 2013. Thank you for your support.

Here's what JetBRAINS writes about their company:

At JetBrains, we like making developers more productive. We design intelligent development tools to simplify your challenging tasks, automate the easy ones, and help you develop with pleasure.  

If your company wants to become a GR8Conf sponsor, please check out our sponsor page.


Canoo silver sponsor of GR8Conf EU 2013

by admin on 2013-04-22 at 10:29

We're happy to announce, that Canoo is a silver sponsor of GR8Conf EU 2013. Thank you for your support.

Here's what Canoo writes about their company:

Canoo Engineering, founded in 1999, is a top end software company for web-based business applications, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), enterprise search solutions, linguistic morphology and word analysis systems.

Thanks to over 13 years of experience constructing business applications and with some of the most experienced Java developers in Europe, the Basel based company is the preferred supplier to some of the world's leading organizations.

If your company wants to become a GR8Conf sponsor, please check out our sponsor page.


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