GR8Conf Europe 2013
May 22nd - 24th
Copenhagen, Denmark

GR8Conf Europe 2013

We have just completet GR8Conf Europe 2013 with GR8 success. We had a cook hackergarten with losts of attendees, we had our anniversary cake, a cool Meet'n'Greet event, and last but not least - we had three days with lots of high technical talks on Groovy, Grails, Griffon, Gradle and other GR8 techonologies.

What is GR8Conf anyway?

It's an affordable conference dedicated to all the technologies in the Groovy ecosystem. We cover technologies like Grails, Gradle, Spock, GMetrics, GContracts, Griffon and many many more.

We start with our university day; The tutorial day prior to the conference days. Use this day to get up to speed with Groovy and Grails, or use it to take a deep dive into more advanced Groovy and Grails stuff.

The conference will feature updates from all the major Groovy technologies. There will be case studies from various companies, telling about real life projects, and there will be lots of sessions covering various topics in the Groovy ecosystem. 



GR8Conf Europe is part of the GR8Conf family, running in Europe, Australia and the US


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